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Integrity: An Obsidian Guardian Novel (Obsidian Guardians Book 1)

Gargoyles- Stone statues depicting hideous monsters that are said to chase away evil. What if the legends are closer to the truth than anyone knew?

The Obsidian Guardians lived in daylight as statues of their spirit animals and stalked the night in human form. Created by witches as protectors to those families who were entrusted with magic. Families born only to keep balance in nature and save humanity.

Audra Ketchum moved to Integrity three months ago to escape her past and find anonymity. Her hopes and dreams for finding a fresh start were not in the cards of fate. After starting college and finding employment at an antique shop she finds herself thrust into a world of magic, conspiracy, passion and murder.

Castile, an Obsidian Guardian appointed with protecting Audra, feels that he is always on the verge of failure after the deaths of his last charges. Loyal to a fault, and naïve, Castile hopes that his Troop will find their way back to the true purpose of their nature. To protect the Chosen.

Ultimately, Audra and Castile must face their respective pasts in order to secure their future. Working together, can they find love and move closer to freeing the world from the Dark Ones, demons and horrors hell bent on destroying humankind and stealing magic for their own nefarious purposes?

This book is dedicated to my father,
John Lewis Brown Sr.
I love you Daddy and I only wish that you could have read it. You are missed every day and my inspiration in every way. I love you!


Overall Rating

By Amazon Customer on October 11, 2015

Format: Paperback

I absolutely love this book! Will read any books this author writes. Was an absolute page turner! I couldn't put it down! Already ready for the next installment! I loved the way the whole story came together and I wasn't left being confused. Absolute must buy! Could read again and probably will until I can buy the next! So happy to have it as a part of my personal library!

By Niki on December 26, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

J.B. does a phenomenal job at taking a mysterious piece of art and turning it into life with a purpose. I am hopeful of more books from this amazing author. If she comes to San Antonio for a book tour I will be there with bells on. Thank you for an amazing read and a distraction to what I call my life.

By D. Brown on December 1, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Integrity is a gripping novel dripping in intrigue and suspense. A novel with believable characters that readers can relate with, while hanging on every word anxious for their safety. This novel is a quick read because the reader will not want to put it down. I am so looking forward to the next in the series. Looks like I'll have a new collection of this author. Much loved and thoroughly enjoyed.

By Elizabeth on November 11, 2015

Format: Paperback

Integrity is a fantasy novel that is a must have for fantasy lovers. I absolutely loved the book. It is a real page turner and will keep the reader on the edge of their seat to the very last page. it is filled with suspense, excitement, thrills. it is the story of Audra Ketchum who has recently moved to the small town of Integrity. She has found a job in VanCampe's Antique shop. While doing inventory and moving merchandise around, she finds an old book on the history of Integrity. It has been damaged by a leak in the warehouse roof, so she takes it home to dry out. If you love tales of gargoyles and magic, you will love Integrity. Buy it today for yourself or with the holidays coming as a gift for the fantasy lover in your life!

By Crystal Andrews on September 27, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I enjoyed this and am glad it wasn't a complete cliffhanger. It was something different to think about regarding gargoyles. Overall, I really enjoyed the story. The thing that bothered me most were the editing or lack there of. Sometimes a certain date was her 17th or her 16th birthday. There were several spelling errors and word placement errors too. I think it was rushed in order to get as a Kindle edition, but that certainly isn't the authors fault.

J. B. Coates

Writer, Mother, Ghost hunter...

I am a mother of four and full time writer. As you can guess I have very little free time. In my extra seconds I'm with The Haunted Travelers.

I grew up in the west Texas town of El Paso; the quintessential Army brat. (Cue Marty Robbins song!) My writing career started with fan fiction and I received many accolades for my stories. Thank God for spell check! I adapted one into a short story that later became the Obsidian Guardian series. I currently reside in Tennessee with my husband and our four children.

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